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Mar. 25th, 2009 | 10:01 am
posted by: tychoish in criticalfutures

After a (much) too long hiatus, We’re back. Posting this week on Wednesday, I hope to quickly fall into a regular Monday/Thursday schedule for new episodes. Rather than post a very little every day, I’m going to post something a bit more substantial twice a week. More time for me, more time for you. Please subscribe and be in touch and support Critical Futures.

During the hiatus, I’ve been working (not enough) on a new novel project and tieing up some loose ends on existing Critical Future’s projects. While this is a slow launch, we’re coming back and it’s going to be awesome. This story picks up right from the last Knowing Mars story in the middle of Chapter 6. You can read the previous scene here and its conclusions here Enjoy.

The first thing Kyp heard when he came off net was Matt’s voice: “Are you ok there?”

Kyp’s eyes fluttered opened and after a moment he just nodded. His voice was gone–at least for the moment, and his mouth was sore. He wondered what his body had been up to while he was in net: nothing of course, but it contributed to his feeling of disorientation. It felt like he’d been thrown into his body, without a lot of warning, which is sort of what happened. Gus and Irena were way too excited about the benefits of “escaping-out,” to realize how much it sucked, he thought.

Kyp still couldn’t talk, and Matt hadn’t moved. “Water,” Kyp thought, as strongly as he could, hoping that Matt would be able to get the message. He seemed to, and in a moment, the good doctor returned with a cup of water.

Kyp sipped the water. “I’m fine,” he croaked. “Everyone else?”

“Coming out well. Reports from the other cells seem to be positive as well. Looks like you did it,” Matt said. His voice was soothing and gentle, more so than usual: Kyp called this Matt’s “doctor voice,” and Matt didn’t often have a lot of control over when it came and went.

Unfortunately, Kyp usually interpreted “doctor voice,” as a sign that Matt was covering something up. “Gus? Really.”

“No, no, he’s fine,” Matt corrected quickly, speaking more normally. I’m tired, and I have to go to work, and you’ve all been in there for a while. It’s really ok.

“Ok, thanks,” Kyp said. He was slowly recovering, he’d need to sleep soon–of course–but for the moment he was almost functional. “And don’t worry, it was the best raid I’ve seen, I think. Busby and his sidekick basically couldn’t do anything but watch, and–”

“That’s a bit cruel, I mean, make a fool of him, fine, but rub it in his face?”

Kyp ignored the interruption. “–and more than that, I think our people behaved really well: calm, even mannered, righteous but not zealous. You’d be proud,” Kyp said, as he moved to stand up.

“I’m glad. I’ll look forward to seeing how the post-mortem plays out,” Matt said.

Kyp put his hand on Matt’s shoulder, which stung a bit telepathically, but Kyp didn’t flinch. “It’s fine, go to work, cut on some dead guy, and you’ll feel better.”

Matt flinched, causing Kyp’s hand to fall away, but he finally broke a smile, which quickly morphed into a yawn. “Ok, that’s probably a good idea. You in shape to deal with things here,” Matt said, gesturing to the room full of people waking up slowly from the net.

“Yes, yes. Now leave! I’ll see you tonight?”


“Works for me, Be in touch,” Kyp said, turning around to tend to his people.

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