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Convention, #1

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Dec. 15th, 2008 | 12:26 pm
posted by: tychoish in criticalfutures

We return this week with another scene from Knowing Mars. This follows Kyp Ebner’s trip back to Earth to resolve a situation on Earth. There were a number of scenes in the story that fall between Kyp’s departure from Mars and this meeting shortly after he arives. This scene will air in five parts.

“I guess we should get started now,” Matt said, looking to Kyp.

Kyp closed his eyes and took a deep breath. There were a lot of people in this room, and while their voices fell silent almost instantly, there was still a lot of telepathic noise, bleed off if you will, from the concentration of people–bodies–in the room. He was surprised that they had managed to fit so many people into his–well it was Gus and Irena’s now–apartment. Kyp had only lived here for a few weeks while he was getting ready to move to Mars, it still felt a little like home anyway. Though they had fit probably close to 50 people in the room, there was a highly encrypted feed of this discussion being passed into another dozen or so “cells” around the world.

“Sorry, I don’t know if it’s the population density change or the gravity which is getting to me more,” Kyp explained. “I want to thank you all for coming to this, and I hope that you’ll be able to share what you learn here this evening with our colleagues and friends over the next few days,” Kyp said: they had all agreed to avoid using the word “telepath” or “psionic” because of the feed.

“I’m sorry that I haven’t been more present in this community over the past several years, as you know I’ve been living and working on Mars, and I’ve been in close contact with Taban and Kalian Morgan since their arrival. We’ll talk more about Mars later, but I hope that you won’t take my absence personally, or hold it against me when considering what I’m going to say tonight. So lets get started in earnest: I think that Gus Rosell has some information to share that will frame the rest of what we have to talk about. Gus?”

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