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Convention, #2

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Dec. 16th, 2008 | 08:27 am
posted by: tychoish in criticalfutures

We return this week with another scene from Knowing Mars. This follows Kyp Ebner’s trip back to Earth to resolve a situation on Earth. There were a number of scenes in the story that fall between Kyp’s departure from Mars and this meeting shortly after he arives. This is part two of five. You can read part one here.

“Thanks, Kyp,” Gus said, patting Kyp’s hand firmly. He was sitting adjacent to Kyp in the long line of leaders sitting in hard hard backed chairs and benches that had been pushed against an unadorned wall. The apartment was so full that they could not easily move their legs without risking kicking someone sitting in front of them.

“As I’m sure you know, Irena,” he paused to nod in her direction, “and I carried out an cyber attack on the ISA departmental systems used by Agent Thom Busby’s cyber crimes division,” The crowd bristled at mention of Busby, and Gus paused to look at Quinn Dasen and Matt, bona fide ISA agents in the flesh, who looked completely unfazed by the admission.

“We’ve known, well since our–Kyp and my–last raid together, that ISA–Busby–has been keeping detailed records on many of us, many of the people in this room, and plenty of others as well. In a lot of cases their data has been more precise than the data we’ve been able to collect ourselves, and, and interestingly the data recovered in that earlier attack has been helpful in assembling this community. Though we have not suffered explicit retaliation for this attack, it became much more difficult for us to access these ISA systems.”

“Also,” Kyp interjected, “I at least was concerned that my identity had been made as I was logging out. Which precipitated my move to Mars.”

“Right,” Gus said nodding as he found his place again in his story. “So Irena and I were able to design and execute another attack back into these same systems, to see if we could get more information, but mostly to see if we could keep Busby from using that data. Amazingly we were able to get some of the data out of the system and we’re unsure of how much long term damage we were able to do to the data and systems.”

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