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Convention, #4

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Dec. 18th, 2008 | 07:43 am
posted by: tychoish in criticalfutures

We return this week with another scene from Knowing Mars. This follows Kyp Ebner’s trip back to Earth to resolve a situation on Earth. There were a number of scenes in the story that fall between Kyp’s departure from Mars and this meeting shortly after he arives. This is part four of five. You can read part one, part two, and part three here.

“Right, I came this far, the least you could do is let me talk for myself,” Kyp said, provoking a small–mostly undeserved–laugh. “Well, to put it bluntly, Mars is amazing, our community there is small, but very connected. The Colony is small and compact, but as I’m sure you’ve heard it was designed to function well with everyone living relatively close together, unlike Earth were the infrastructures have always been trying to play catch up with populations: the effect is profound. Additionally, because the total population is so low, a lot of the bleed-over effects,” Kyp said and rubbed his temple for effect. “A lot of the bleed-over effects have been completely negated, and we’ve–well I shouldn’t take responsibility for it–Taban and Kalian–have been able to make a lot of advancement in their work.

“Actually, as I was in transit, I was able to read a working draft of Taban and Kalian’s book, which they hope to publish publicly about the time that we get back to Mars–” Kyp was interrupted by a hum that swept over the room in response to his last words.

“I guess that gets a little more explanation,” Matt said, but the crowd didn’t seem dto hear him. Kyp closed his eyes, and let Matt’s words “reverberate” telepathically which got everyone’s attention. Matt continued: “Taban and Kalian were able to secure immigration permits to Mars for a great number of their followers, and with some offset work Gus and I have been able to secure some chartered transportation for the flight, using funding from an unadvertised government fund and the resources of the Morgan Institute shield organization that we set up several years ago to fund Taban and Kalian’s research.”

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