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Convention, #5

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Dec. 19th, 2008 | 07:45 am
posted by: tychoish in criticalfutures

We return this week with another scene from Knowing Mars. This follows Kyp Ebner’s trip back to Earth to resolve a situation on Earth. There were a number of scenes in the story that fall between Kyp’s departure from Mars and this meeting shortly after he arives. This is part five of five. You can read part one, part two, part three, and part four.

“So I want you all to consider moving to Mars when we leave at the end of the current cycle. While Mars has been great for me, and I think moving there might be a good experience for many of you, I understand that it’s a big commitment, and that it is probably not for everyone. I’m more than willing to talk to you about this over the next couple of weeks, so please talk to me, and also talk to your friends and connections that didn’t get a chance to be here tonight,” Kyp said.

“I feel like we’ve been blathering too long, is there anything else?” Matt asked.

“Well, about the plan,” Irena said, her voice cracking.

“Of course, sorry! And sorry to you all as well…”

“We’ve thought that it would be good to make another run on Busby’s system, there’s likely a good deal of data that should be rescued–liberated–and we’re still worried that he might be maintaining illegal files on some of us. Kyp and Gus and I will be coordinating the plan, but I suspect that we’ll want to have probably twenty or so people on board to run support, get data out, and run distraction, stuff like that. If you’re qualified you know how to get a hold of us,” Irena said.

“I think with that,” Kyp said, looking to Matt for confirmation. Matt nodded, and Kyp continued: “We’re going to cut the transmissions now, but we’re not going anywhere immediately, so we hope you’ll be in touch. All further updates will be as encrypted on-net messages. But before we go, I’d like to thank Matt and Quinn for their ongoing support, and recognize the risk that they’re undertaking by being here, and unless I don’t get a chance to talk to all of you before you have to leave, I’d like to thank all of you for being here.”

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