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Homefront #3

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Apr. 6th, 2009 | 11:33 am
posted by: tychoish in criticalfutures

Part three (of three) of the final scene from Chapter 6 of Knowing Mars. Be sure to check out Aftermath for the key to this Chapter. Thanks for reading! Chapter 7 starts on Thursday.

Kyp was the first to speak again: “Say, I wanted to know, honestly, what you thought about how the meeting went yesterday. I’m worried that we were too removed, and talky,”

Gus looked quizzically at Kyp and opened his mouth to respond, but Matt spoke first. “I think you did fine, and I think people responded, it’s tough, you had a lot to say, and there was a lot to be said.

“Do you think anyone is actually going to go back with me?”

“If the number of people that responded to Irena’s call are any indication, then we’ll be turning people away,” Guss said.

“You think we’ll have more than fifteen thousand?” Matt asked, astounded.

“That’s not too many, really, and we could get more than that, think about it–” Kyp said, turning to Matt.

“You guys are kidding right?” Guss was agape.

“Nope, we’re serious about this, and more importantly the Morgan’s, and now Mars Colony is serious about this?” Matt explained.

“And you can keep everyone from going public, before the book launches?”

“It’ll be tough, but we’ve been good at keeping a secret for a long time, so this shouldn’t be too difficult,” Kyp said. “And besides, it’s good to be friends with ISA, and Mars is ready for real population growth, so the infrastructure has been in place for this kind of thing for a while,” Kyp explained. “They–or construction bots, at any rate–are building an addition to the colony structure on Mars, it’ll be ready long before we get back.”

“I suppose so. And we’re leaving, when, again?”

“We can start leaving in three weeks,” Kyp answered. “How long’s the window?” He asked, in Matt’s direction.

“I think they’ve said, six weeks to break orbit. When’s the attack go down?”

“Middle of next week.”

“I think, gentleman,” Kyp said, sitting up in his chair, “that we have a plan!”

And they did.

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